Letter: Are we really keeping Commandments?

Published 1:06 am Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I believe strongly in the Ten Commandments! But I don’t believe anyone goes by the Bible at all, people or someone should re-write the Lord’s work.

  1. I am God?

Why should we call any one man God, God should be like a man over the government who says and tells all.

  1. You shall have no other gods before me.

Your man’s the head of house, he’s your god!

  1. Don’t make an image?

We worship an image of each other and money.

  1. Remember the 7th.

Do more drinking or drugging on the seventh. Keep on trucking.

  1. Honor your father and mother?

Who is my dad and why did my mom give me away for a man? What’s a mom?

  1. You shall not murder?

We kill each day when we put someone down for no reason.

  1. You shall not commit adultery?

Whose car was that at your house and who’s wife did you have last night? It’s none of your business.

  1. You shall not steal?

You shall steal form only the poor. Leave the rich folks alone and let them get richer.

  1. You shall not bear witness against thy neighbor?

What neighbors? Those that lie next door and tell everything you do and try to live your life for you?

  1. Don’t take your neighbor’s wife?

When the man’s away, the woman shall play and I’m a happy man for anyone.

God, please forgive me, but people think and do what they want before they think or say.

Bobbie F. Eady Kirkland