Lent, Easter good times to create religious traditions

Published 1:10 am Saturday, March 23, 2019

Easter is on the way, and practicing Christians across the globe have spent the Lenten season preparing for the day when they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Lent is a season best spent in the company of close friends and family, and the following are a few ways for Christians to celebrate their faith in the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday.

• Give Easter eggs a different meaning. Easter eggs are popular among youngsters, and that popularity can be used to teach kids about their faith. Eggs are frequently viewed as a symbol of new life, so parents can use them to show their children how Christ died and was born anew. Eggs can be filled with small items that symbolize something related to Christ’s story. Or they can be left empty to represent the empty tomb after His resurrection.

• Eat food that conveys Biblical stories. For Easter dinner, enjoy foods that are mentioned in the Bible. A fish dinner can convey the story of how Jesus multiplied fish to feed the crowds, or dine on lamb and share the story of Passover.

• Participate in church services. Throughout Lent, many parishes offer Easter vigils or specialized services that relate the account of Jesus’ life and subsequent death on the cross. Some churches may recreate realistic stations of the Cross. Employing pageantry to bring biblical stories to life can help young children visualize and better understand the meaning of Easter.

• Create a Christ-centered Easter basket. Parents can still fill kids’ Easter baskets with some of the familiar confectionary treats, but those parents who impart lessons about their faith to their kids also can include books about the story of Easter, rosary beads, a crucifix for a child’s room, and maybe a children’s Bible.

• Make time for volunteer work. Many families reserve volunteerism for the Christmas season, but Easter also marks a great time to volunteer. In a season that focuses on the ultimate sacrifice, families can open their hearts to others. Invite someone over for Easter dinner who has nowhere to go. Share your holiday celebrations with a person of another faith so that he or she may be able to see what makes this time of year special.  Create a service jar filled with small, loving tasks everyone in the family can do each day.

The Lenten season, including Easter, is the most celebrated time of the year for Christians. Families can enjoy the festivities by blending many different traditions together and by focusing on the spirituality of the season.