OPP USES SPRING TO GROW: Bobcats are healed, focused on improving

Published 12:05 am Friday, May 24, 2019

The Opp Bobcats wrapped up spring practice and now turn their sites to improving more during summer workouts.

“We had a good spring practice,” Opp head coach Brent Hill said. “We had a lot of kids out this year. There were about 70 kids out so we got our numbers back this year.”

Hill said they worked on a lot of fundamentals and developing depth.

“Last year, we had a ton of injuries,” Hill said. “It’s great that we have those guys healthy now, but at the same time you realize that they didn’t get a lot of playing time last year. We had 27 injuries and 17 of those were season-ending injuries that happened in the first few weeks of the season. We had some guys last year that got a lot of playing time because of the injuries. I felt like we did a good job developing our depth.”

The players did a good job learning what the coaches were teaching.

“The kids did a good job processing the things we taught them,” Hill said. “I felt like they improved every day. I was very pleased with them. They learned a lot and had great attitudes.”

Hill said that the team will use the summer to continue to improve.

“I want to see us get fundamentally better at each position,” Hill said. “The kids who had a good spring and put themselves at the top of the depth chart, I want to see if they are going to work harder. The ones that aren’t at the top, I want to see if they push to get there. The summer is a very important time to get stronger and to get better fundamentally.”