SWIMMING IS HER PASSION: Younce excited to join CAST coaching staff

Published 12:05 am Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Covington Aquatics Swim Team has added in new coach in Opp’s Emma Younce.

Younce is also a swimmer for CAST and wanted to help with the younger swimmers.

“Ever since I was 8, I have been swimming with Andalusia Swim League during the summers,” Younce said. “For this near decade, the entire coaching staff has been made up of volunteers. The coaches who brought me up gave their time generously to teach me a sport that has become so special to me. I am so happy and so excited to be able to give back and do the same for the other kids in Opp.”

Younce said it will be special to coach along side her coaches.

“It has given me a new understanding of what it takes to lead,” Younce said. “It gives me a special appreciation for my own coaches having to deal with me.”

Being able to pass on things she has learned to kids in Opp is something that Younce said she is excited about.

“I’m most excited for being able to help the kids in Opp find their own passion in the sport of swimming,” Younce said. “Growing up being on the swim team definitely has shaped who I am and has given me amazing friendships that will last for a long time. I hope other kids can find the same joy from the sport.”

Younce has spent nearly a decade as a competitive swimmer and brings vast knowledge of what it takes to compete.

“As a coach, I bring a new perspective to the team,” Younce said. “Not only have I been swimming for over half of my life, but I am continuing to swim and continuing to learn more. I’m happy to show the kids I coach what I have been taught, as well as what I’m still learning.”

Younce said she is enjoying the challenge of coaching and swimming at the same time.

“Swimming and coaching at the same time has made me be able to connect with different age groups and people I otherwise probably wouldn’t have,” Younce said. “It honestly makes me more appreciative of my team as a whole, so I love it.”

Being from Opp, Younce said it’s great to have a swim team in her home town.

“First of all, the two-minute drive to the pool is pretty great in of itself,” Younce said. “Other than that, I’m excited to be working alongside people who are driven and passionate about introducing swimming to more people.”

Along with coaching with CAST, Younce has kept herself busy this summer.

“I have been coaching on the Andalusia summer league,” Younce said. “I also participated in the Distinguished Young Women program.”

Younce was named first alternate, Self Expression and Be Your Best Self Essay winner in the DYW.