BULLDOGS FIGHT HARD: AHS falls to Fairhope Pirates by a touchdown Friday night

Published 11:33 pm Friday, August 28, 2020

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The Andalusia High School Bulldogs (0-2) fought until the last minute but were unable to take down the 7A Fairhope Pirates on Friday night 28-21.

The Bulldogs started off with the ball on the 20 yard line after a touchback.

Aiden Amis had a big catch and Josh Gurley rushed to get a first down at the 32 yard line.

With 7:32 left in the first quarter, the Bulldogs struck first blood when quarterback Jake Wilson connected with Amis on a touchdown reception. After the PAT, the Bulldogs were up 7-0.

After a few back and forth possessions, AHS was up 7-0 going into the second quarter.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the Pirates rushed for a touchdown, but holding was called and the ball was placed back on the 11 yard line. On the next play, the Pirates’ quarterback connected with a receiver in the end zone to tie the game at 7-7 with 11:48 in the first half.

With 8:12 left in the half, Fairhope struck again in the air, going up 14-7.

The Bulldogs started on the 20 yard line, but moved quickly to the 44 yard line with a pass from Wilson to J. Gurley. Wilson then rushed to the 33 yard line for a first down with 7:22 left in the half.

Bryce Dorsey had a huge first down catch to get down to the opposing 22 yard line. Wilson then rushed again and after a flag, the ball was placed on the 6 yard line.

Mike Hourel rushed to the 2 yard line with 2:51 left and then punched in the end zone to tie the game at 14-14 with 2:09 left in the first half.

At halftime, the game was still tied 14-14.

With 6:10 in the third quarter, the Pirates struck again with a long punt return for a touchdown.

The Bulldogs didn’t give up there.

With 5:46 left in the quarter, Wilson rushed to the 32 yard line. With 4:35 left, a roughing the passer flag was thrown which moved the ball up to the 49 yard line and a first down. Mike Hourel then came in and rushed for a first down all the way to the opposing 38 yard line.

Amis had another first down catch to get the Bulldogs to the 27 yard line and then with 1:30 left in the quarter, Hourel had another first down rush that got the Bulldogs to the 14 yard line.

Wilson then connected with Caleb Blackston for a touchdown with 59.5 seconds left in the third quarter to tie the game at 21-21.

The Pirates scored on a passing play with 7:03 left in the game and held the Bulldogs off.

“We had a group of kids that worked their tail off,” AHS head coach Trent Taylor said. “And I know it’s not the thing necessarily ‘Andalusia’ to get up there and yell like we ought to at a football game, and I know we have all of this social distancing bull crap going on, but gosh almighty knows, how can you not get behind the whole second half. Those kids played their tail off against a great football team; a team that beat Spanish Fort like they stole something last week. We challenged them all week to make a statement and they made a statement, no doubt.”

The Bulldogs take on Rehobeth in region play next week in Rehobeth at 7 p.m.