Covington commission asked to support 2nd Amendment sanctuary status

Published 4:55 pm Wednesday, February 24, 2021

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The Covington County Commission received a request during a meeting Tuesday to consider becoming a 2nd Amendment sanctuary in an effort to protect citizens’ right to bear arms.

Blaine Bateman presented to commission information pertaining to possible actions that could be taken by the federal government in an effort to curtail, or possibly eliminate, the people’s right to bear arms.

Some of Bateman’s concerns involve House Resolution 127, known as the Firearm Licensing and Registration Act.

“They want to reduce your right to bear arms through paid privilege. They want you to have a psychological evaluation to own a firearm, license denial for alcoholism, or if you’ve ever been depressed. They want a searchable database that can be searched to see if you have weapons. They want license denial for reasons, but won’t say what reasons. They want an antique weapon license where they charge $200-$800 per weapon and per magazine, per year,” Bateman said.

At least four states — Alaska, Wyoming, Kansas and Idaho — have passed legislation related to the preservation of the Second Amendment. In Alabama, Chilton County is the only county to declare itself a 2nd Amendment sanctuary when a resolution was passed in Feb. 2020.

In 2020, State Rep. Tommy Haynes introduced HB 223, titled the “Second Amendment Preservation Act,” aimed at preserving gun ownership.

As of 2020, about 400 local governments in 20 states have adopted such resolutions.

Bateman offered the commission an example of an ordinance. Commission Chairman Greg White said the commission does not have the authority to pass ordinances, but that a resolution in support of protecting the Second Amendment could be considered.

No action was taken on the matter, but most members of the commission expressed their support in protecting the 2nd Amendment.

The following items were also discussed by the commission.

  • The commission approved the emergency purchase of tires and rejected a previously approved bid from Atmore Tires. The business had made a mistake in their bid and could not provide tires at the cost that was approved. The county will rebid the item.
  • The business license fee was renewed with no changes. According to the probate office website, the fees range from $15 to $375.
  • Seven pick-up trucks for the engineer’s office were declared surplus and those will be replaced from the state bid list. There was a discussion of selling Mack dump trucks and refinancing for newer models, but the commission opted to keep the trucks and reconsider for a future auction.
  • A one-year contract for ankle monitors was approved.

The next commission meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 9, beginning at 9 a.m.