Crossover Ministry celebrates ‘transitions’ at annual banquet

Published 9:15 am Monday, May 1, 2023

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Crossover Ministry celebrated its mission of helping others overcome addiction at its annual banquet Tuesday night in Opp.

First Baptist Church of Andalusia pastor Kevin Wilburn was the guest speaker at Crossover Ministry’s annual banquet on Tuesday. (PHOTO BY ROBERT BLANKENSHIP)

Crossover Ministry is a faith-based Christian recovery solution for those suffering from substance abuse and addiction. The six-month program seeks to help individuals overcome addiction by rebuilding their lives and families through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Crossover Director James “Red” Coleman said the ministry is all about serving others.

“If you want to serve the Lord, you have to serve people. That is our goal (at Crossover Ministry),” Coleman said.

Dr. Lori Stanfield was recognized by Crossover Ministry Director James “Red” Coleman for her longtime service as a board member. (PHOTO BY ROBERT BLANKENSHIP)

Guest speaker for the event was Kevin Wilburn, pastor at First Baptist Church of Andalusia. He shared a message that, just like those who are taking part in the Crossover program, everyone is constantly in a state of transition.

“In life, we sometimes get stuck. Every person in this room is in transition, not just the folks who are in the Crossover Ministry program. I encourage you not to get stuck. By applying [God’s Word] we can find the courage to not get caught in the transition. We get caught up on the regrets of yesterday or the way things used to be. Sometimes, we get trapped and we can’t quite get to the next phase of life,” Wilburn said.

“You will be hard-pressed to find a better group of people than those who live in Covington County. Some of the folks in our community depend on you. They are depending that you will make the transition and not get stuck along the way. We are all in this transition together.”

The event featured two video testimonies from individuals who went through the Crossover program. Anna Trotter spoke about the difference the ministry made in her life.

“There still a lot I have to work on. I don’t have a big house and cars, but the things I do have I appreciate. I teach Sunday School now. Crossover guided me to where I am today,” Trotter said.

A second video featured the testimony of Rodger Rhodes.

“I was in prison when I turned 21. I had two kids with two different mommas. It was horrible. I was trying to fill a void. There was nothing that could fill that void. I pushed everyone I love to the side. In September 2018 I walked through the doors at Crossover and they helped get me through it,” Rhodes said.

Crossover Board Member Dr. Josh Driver closed the ceremony.

“I am thankful to Crossover for what it has meant to me since I’ve been involved. We appreciate the community and churches that support us. There is not much that has a bigger impact on our community than this ministry,” Driver said.

Recognized at the event with a plaque was Dr. Lori Stanfield for her long-term service as a Crossover board member.

Others participating in the program included Greg White providing the invocation, music performed by FBC Opp Worship Minister Cameron Crapps, and District Attorney Walt Merrell introducing the guest speaker.

According to Crossover representatives, the ministry spends about $3,772 monthly for food, $3,208 monthly for utilities, and $5,198 for transportation and insurance.

For more information about the program and how to support it, call 334-493-1030 or email