COLUMN: ‘News of Our Boys in the Armed Forces’ – July 6, 1944

Published 2:00 pm Friday, June 28, 2024

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Author’s note: For a few weeks, we will copy the News of Our Boys in the Armed Forces as it first appeared in The Andalusia Star in 1944.

 It is Lt. Charles Brawner. Lt. Brawner received his wings on June 27th after completing his training at a Texas Aviation training center and granted leave to spend a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Brawner. Lt. Brawner looks the part of the streamlined pilot that he is and seems delighted with his work in Uncle Sam’s Air Forces.

Cadet Dwight McGraw, who is in the U.S. Navy ROTC at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, spent his ten day leave with his parents in Andalusia

Cadet Joseph Johnson, who is taking his V-12 training at Millsap College, Miss., and who spent a ten day leave with his parents, Supt. and Mrs. J.H. Johnson, left Sunday to resume his duties at Millsap.

Cadet Marcus Brown, who is taking his V-12 training at Millsap College, left Sunday after a ten day leave with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Herman Brown, to resume his studies.

Cadet Hiram Brogden, U.S. Navy ROTC who is pursuing his studies at Harvard and who spent ten days leave with his parents, Judge and Mrs. Hiram J. Brogden, left Sunday to resume his studies.

PVT Clyde M. Love completed his basic training at the Armored Replacement Training Center at Ft. Knox, Ky. On June 28th, he was given a three day leave and reached home on Sunday for a brief visit with his wife and four sons who live here. PVT Love got special commendation from his commanding general, Gen. Scott, for meritorious conduct. They said PVT Love could not stand up under a 25-mile hike but he did, hence, the commendation. In private life, Clyde practiced law in Andalusia. He says he likes the Army and his rate because a Private has no responsibility and plenty of work. This, he states, suits him well.

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Uptagraft of 913 River Falls St., Andalusia, received a telegram from the Navy Department, June 30, advising them that their 19-year-old son, Jackson Uptagraft, Jr. Seaman First Class, had been wounded in action in the European area. The extent of his wounds had not been determined at the time…Since the above story was written, the Uptagrafts have received a letter from their son stating that he is in a hospital somewhere in England and is getting along fine. Young Jackson has been in the service of his country in the Navy since August 20, 1943.

2nd Lt. Lewis Cotton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Cotton, Route 1, Andalusia, Alabama, received his silver wings on June 26, 1944. He graduated as a Flight Officer from the Advanced Two-Engine Pilot School, Pecos Army Air Field Texas. The new pilot is a former resident of Andalusia and attended Pleasant Home School. He was assigned to Pecos from Ontario, California.

2nd Lt. William C. Boutwell, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Boutwell of 311 Dunson St. in Andalusia, was attached to the 72nd Fighter Wing Indoctrination Unit at Harding Field, Louisiana. He will be assigned to one of the Fighter Combat Crew Training schools in the Wing for final training in combat tactics in the Army Air Forces. During his brief stay in the indoctrination unit, Lt. Boutwell was issued the personal equipment which he will use in the ensuing weeks of combat flight training, including the preliminary phase of ground training, intelligence, small arms and aircraft recognition.

SGT. Seth H. Stewart, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Seth Stewart of Andalusia is now overseas at an Air Service Command Station in England. He has participated in a course designed to bridge the gap between training in the States and soldiering in an active theater of war. He was carefully processed by classification experts who made certain he was well-fitted for the job assigned to him. Security training, personal hygiene, a talk by a Special Services officer informing him of facilities for healthful recreation and a lecture from the Chaplain, are all, in turn, a part of a soldier’s preparation for duty overseas. Sgt. Stewart’s next station will be at one of the Army Air Force’s fighter bases.

John Vick