Twins, Jays, Yankees claim victories in 11-12 tourney

Published 11:59 pm Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The first round of the 11-to-12-year-old Little League end-of-the-year tournament began Monday night at Johnson Park.

The Twins defeated the Indians, 11-1; the Blue Jays beat the A’s, 10-5; and the Yankees beat the D’Backs, 6-3.

Twins 11, Indians 1

Austin Worley hit two doubles and drove in four runs to help the Twins eliminate the Indians from the end-of-the-year tournament.

Worley scored Ashton Mayhall and Jacob Whatley in the fourth inning, adding to a 3-1 lead.

Worley scored on an RBI single from Tucker Lawless.

Earlier in the game, Twins players Lawless and Brooks Rabren scored on RBIs from Jordan Whitman and Caden Channell.

In the third inning, Lawless came around to score on an RBI single from Rabren.

The Indians got on board in the third inning, scoring one run.

To end the game, the Twins scored five runs in the fifth inning.

Mayhall hit an RBI single to score Whitman; Worley hit his second two-run double to score Channell and Dustin Odom; Whatley scored on a fielder’s choice; and Worley scored on an RBI single from Lawless.

Blue Jays 10, A’s 5

For the Blue Jays, Brayden Burkhardt, Mitchell Murphy and Patrick McCalman all scored three runs in the bottom of the first inning.

Members of the Blue Jays who singled were Colton Elmore, Hampton Glenn, Brandon Rogers and Mitchell Murphy.

The A’s managed to score three runs in the second inning and two in the fifth.

For the Blue Jays, three runs were scored in the bottom of the second, two in the third, and one apiece in the fourth and fifth innings.

Yankees 6, D’Backs 3

The Yankees’ Matt McCanant hit an RBI single to score Ty Ballard in the second inning to start the scoring for his team.

McCanant later scored on another RBI single from Gage Worley.

In the fourth inning, the D’Backs scored one run on an RBI single from Riley Eiland to score Devan McDuffie.

The Yankees didn’t score again until the fifth inning, where they scored four runs.

McCanant hit a grand slam home run in the fifth to score Shane Jones, Rollin Kinsaul and Ballard to win the game.

The D’Backs scored two runs in the sixth inning on an RBI double from Eiland and an RBI single from Payton Garner.

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