Eagles successful in 3-week push for playoff berth

Published 10:51 pm Friday, October 15, 2010

Georgiana, check.

J.F. Shields, check.

Now, only Geneva County stands in the way of a fourth-seed playoff berth for Pleasant Home’s Eagles.

“This was step two for us,” coach Robert Bradford said of Pleasant Home’s 47-34 romp over Shields Friday night. “It all comes down to us Friday night; us and Geneva.”

Despite Bradford’s analysis of “coming out a little flat tonight,” the Eagles were up 20-6 at the half.

“When we got to 41-12, we started playing some younger kids and they got late TDs,” he said.

Frank Senn had 14 carries for 11 yards and one touchdown; Cameron Hill rushed 16 times for 71 yards and a TD; Sid Newby gained 56 yards and one touchdown on three carries; and Corey Sims had four carries for 30 yards and one TD and was three-of-five in the air for 42 yards.

This week, the Eagles will concentrate and getting everybody healthy.

” We’ve really got to elevate our game next week,” Bradford said. “Geneva Co. is a very good football team. Like we say every week, we really have to bring our A game. We have to play the whole football game with the attitude that we’re meaner than you are, and we’re coming right at you.”

Pleasant Home also is planning a red-out.

“It’s like when Alabama played Arkansas and they had a red-out instead of a blackout. We’re going to have a red-out. We’re going to be in red pants and red jerseys and we’re asking all of our fans to come out and support us and wear red.”