29 wheelbarrows, 47 drills needed

Published 11:59 pm Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Have a wheelbarrow? You can help.

Dream Park Revitalization committee co-chairman Kristy White said she realizes it sounds a little extreme to ask for 29 more wheelbarrow and 47 drills, but she’s serious: She needs to borrow them.

“People don’t realize that we’ve got to unload a couple of truckloads of shredded rubber,” she said. “That’s a whole lot of trips with only a dozen wheelbarrows.”

And the drills?

Every handrail in the park is being replaced. That means that a drill is needed to take the hardware out of the current rails, and to replace the screws.

And every tool the committee has to purchase diminishes the scope of the revitalization project.

“Money used to purchase tools we couldn’t borrow will mean something will be left unfinished in this remarkable renovation, “ White said. “Please go through your garage and truck tool box and let us borrow your tools for the week.”

The tools are guaranteed, and can be picked up on Monday.

Work begins at Dream Park today, Wed., Oct. 20, at 7a.m. and continues until 9 p.m. Work also is scheduled from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. daily through the weekend.

Volunteers are also still urgently needed every shift, every day.  For information call 334-488-1770 or 334-804-7201.

Still needed are:

25 ft extension cords

2 Slide compound miter saws (cross between a radial arm saw and a power miter box)

45 Drills 3/8 inch (variable speed and reversible) tape keys to cords

2 Drills ½ inch – extra heavy-duty and reversible

10 Electrical splitters

3 side Grinders, side 4 1/2-or 5 inch (use with metal cutting blades and flap discs)

30 GARDEN rakes – metal not plastic

5 Routers – need to fit 3/8-inch corner-round bit

4 orbital jigsaws

3 Belt Sanders

15 Circular Saws (hand-held, heavy-duty, 7-to 7 ¼ inch preferred)

2 Worm-Drive Circular Saws

10 Pair Saw Horses

2 Sawzalls – heavy duty with reciprocating blades – not jigsaw

30 Shovels

20 Speed Squares: 6 inch

3 OSHA rated 6 or 8 ft stepladder

4 OSHA rated 10 or 12 ft stepladder

25 Tape measures (25 foot or longer)

1 Laser or Builder’s Level band Tripod

29 Wheelbarrows

6 C-Clamps, large (with openings larger than 4 inches or more)

2 C-Clamps, pipe or bar: 4-to 8-foot long

2 Cat’s paws: small 8-to10-inch bars with curved end to pull nails

1 Chisel sets: ¼-inch to 1 ½-inch

2 Crowbars: Steel pry bars

2 Wonder bars

5 nail punches

8 Rasps, wood – all sizes flat and round

10 screwdrivers – various sizes Phillips and regular

2 Bevel Squares (metal blade attached with wing nut to wood or metal handle)

1 Framing Squares – 2ft L shaped

2 Trash Cans – 30 gallon

3 Vise Grips