Victim’s mom: She’s our blond-haired ‘Tinkerbell’

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jaslyn Frymire, photographed just before heading out to a summer swimming trip two weeks ago.

“We call her our blond-haired Tinkerbell. Now, she’s scarred for life,” said Amanda Frymire, the mother of the 4-year-old girl attacked Tuesday by a dog in Andalusia.

The child, Jaslyn “Jaz” Frymire, is at home now recovering after being rushed to Pensacola’s Sacred Heart Hospital for treatment.

Frymire said her daughter was taken into surgery to repair seven lacerations to her face and head. She also suffered claw marks to her arms, back and legs.

Frymire said it wasn’t the first time the animal, a cur, had attacked a member of her family.

“It actually got her brother, Draven, two weeks ago,” Frymire said. “He had a laceration on his head and a puncture wound on his arm. We reported it, and the dog was supposed to be in quarantine, but it was never picked up for some reason.”

Frymire said she and her family are staying with her mother for the summer and that her son had just returned from a visit from his other grandmother’s, and Jaslyn, from a weeklong stay at her father’s.

“Tuesday was the first day (the children) had been allowed to play outside,” she said.

Frymire said she’d just walked inside to put away a load of laundry Tuesday when her son and his friend came running inside.

“They said Jaslyn was headed to where the dog was,” she said. “At that point, I dropped the clothes, ran outside and by the time, I turned the corner, the dog had her on the ground by the back of the head, mauling the mess out of her.”

She said she punched the dog in the head to get it off the child.

“When I did that, he came at me and got me in the arm,” she said. “Then, he got her again on the leg. Once he let go, I got her in my grip and ran to get my mother.”

She said she immediately called 911.

“There was blood and dirt all over my baby,” she said.

Frymire said the child was sent to the Pensacola, Fla., hospital to repair a missing portion of her left cheek and to treat 11 puncture wounds.

“It was like she was laying on her side when he got her,” she said. “It was a horrible, vicious attack.”

Frymire said Jaslyn has a “long road ahead” in the recovery process.

“We’re having a hard time dealing with it right now,” she said.