Eagles win finale over Cottage Hill

Published 12:27 am Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Pleasant Home Eagles played a solid game against the Cottage Hill Warriors, defeating them 48-28.

Coach Ronnie Douglas called his team’s performance “well put together.”

“We finally played a whole ball game tonight,” Douglas said. “It was senior night and a great way to end the season.”

He said the team was well prepared for the game, and it showed.

The first quarter started slow, but the Eagles were first on the board with a pass around the right to Hunter Weaver with 5:27 on the clock. Caleb Powell’s point-after-attempt was no good.

With four minutes left in the quarter, the Warriors scored with a pass around the right and a PAT, bringing the score to 7-6

And with 3 seconds in the first, PHS quickly responded by putting another touchdown and two point conversion on the board.

There was only one touchdown scored in the second – when Gabe Gunter to Jon Cole Chesser connected for a 78-yard pass play. With the PAT, the half ended with the Eagles ahead by 14.

The Eagles scored twice in the third – both in runs by Chesser and PATs by Powell. His first was an 86-yard run, the second, 39 yards.

Chesser went on to score again in the fourth with 9:20 left on the clock. The PAT was no good.

Cottage Hill was able to put two more touchdowns up, but the Eagles responded in kind with a 73-yard kick-off return by Chesser.

The Eagles will travel to Montgomery to take on St. Jude in the first round of the playoffs next week.