Writer: Proud gay man

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dear editor,

This is in response to the “Gay Marriage is Just Wrong” letter written in your June 6, 2012, issue. I commend the Copelands on their writing skills. Clearly their sentences were carefully crafted and well written. Unfortunately, this is a great example how even the “smartest” sounding people can be so incredibly ignorant and ill informed.

I am a gay man and frankly I resent the know-it-all tone of their letter. I NEVER chose to be gay. Why would anyone chose to be publicaly ostracized or a social pariah? Seriously, think about it.

I live in Alabama as a proud gay man. I am proud because I am not alone in Alabama. We gays are everywhere. We are your neighbors, nephews, nieces, children, grand children, church members, aunts, uncles, teachers and civic leaders. We are people you work with, live with, and supposedly, love unconditionally.

It is fine if you do not agree with gay marriage, but please do not impose your biases on us. No longer will I stand in silence or in fear that the “conservative voice” is going to tell me how I should live my life.

This is neither a liberal bnor conservative issue. This is a personal issue for many others and me. Please stop your pedantic and divisive rhetoric. If you don’t agree with gay marriage, my advice to you is simple: DO NOT MARRY A GAY!

I urge anyone who knows and loves ONE gay person to stand up to this type of ignorance and intolerance. If you are gay, allow yourself to be heard.

Alabama no longer stands in denial, it stands proud and GAY!


Rick Ramos

Ozark, Ala.