We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spirit is a tangible thing.

If you doubt it, visit a pep rally or sit in the stadium bleachers on a Friday night. Then, tell me you can’t feel it rolling across your skin as the band strikes up or No. 44 rushes across the line for a touchdown.

Last week, the oldest girl played in the stands at her first football game.

I thought it was pretty good turnout for a middle school game, but as it was my first, I didn’t have anything to compare it to. Still, the stadium was filled on both sides.

Those kids – both on the field and in the stands – were hyped up on life, and it was a sight to see.

One girl, Sarah something or another, was sitting in front of me. She and a friend were fired up, and I mean FIRED up. They may have sat down for two minutes during the entire game. And their spirit was contagious. It wasn’t long before the crowd around them grew to encompass a group of about 10.

Across the steps, the seventh grade band – my oldest included on her flute – was on it. They had practiced very diligently for the night’s performance, and it could be heard echoing off the walls. “Hoorah for Andy” melted into “Superman,” and I hear there could be “Crazy Train” departing next week.

Across the way, I could see parents stacked deep in the stands. The majority of them I’m sure were there to support Junior on the field, but I’d like to think there may have been one or two on hand just to watch the show.

As we were driving home that night, I got a little choked up, realizing that we had just gotten our seat on “the ride” we call life. We strapped it, ready to go, and at least we got enough spirit to keep the cheering going – at least until the first one walks across the stage to get her diploma.

It also got me to thinking.

I’ve never been at a school where spirit is so thick. Sure others may wear T-shirts, put on Booster stickers and wave pompoms, but the people in Andalusia have engineered a master plan for spirit.

I mean I had never heard of a school having a whole room dedicated to “spirit,” and guess what, they’ve got one at the high school.

Then, take for instance, homecoming. Set this year for Oct. 5, Facebook is already filled with posts about generating ideas and decorating floats. I have never in my life seen such, and I’m tickled that my kids can now be a part of it. And we’re ready. The shirts are ordered and the ribbons bought.

SP-IR-IT. We got spirit. Yes, we do. We got spirit. How ‘bout you?

You know you just got chill bumps.