Fashion conscious, she’s not

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Seriously, we have no fashion sense.

Getting them dressed to every day for school isn’t the problem. It’s when left to their own devices that I seriously worry about what the future – and their closets – will hold.

Case in point: Tuesday is gymnastics day for the middle girl. She takes class once a week at a local dance company. The dress code is pretty lax – things must be tight fitting, and in the winter, warm.

When I picked her up five minutes before class, there wasn’t time to make her change. So off we went in her T-shirt and too-short purple pants that were too long to be called capris, yet too short and too wide legged to be called pants. Oh wait, did I mention the too big pink glitter slippers that had no business being in her closet, let along on her feet? No? What about the red – yes, red – sequined headband?

It wouldn’t have been too bad had we only had to go to class and back to her dad’s house. But for a trip to the Winn-Dixie for God and everybody to see? Why not? Because that’s just where we had to go.

Their dad was nice enough to let them stay the night while I pulled election duty at the paper. He was feeling a bit under the weather, and the girls decided they wanted breakfast for supper, which meant a trip to the grocery store.

As soon as I rounded the corner and slid into the packed lot, I knew it wasn’t going to be a quick trip in. I guess after everyone voted Tuesday, they decided to go to the grocery store. The checkout lines were full and all eyes were on us as we walked through the double doors.


So what did we do?

We charged forward and waved to everyone we knew – which was a lot of people.

My oldest girl is getting better as she gets older. Turning 13 will do wonders for one’s fashion sense, as will having the same size foot as your mother, which apparently opens wonders in shoe choices.

But my baby girl – this is the first year I’ve convinced her it’s OK to wear something besides cowgirl boots.

Every year for Christmas, a new pair of boots has been at the top of her list. The request still is this year, but she’s finally added tennis shoes to her repertoire of footwear, and her list of requests.

Thankfully, whatever she wears she pairs it with jeans and a color-coordinating bow.

So, I ask this of you on behalf of parents everywhere – if you see a mismatched child, with too big shoes, just pray for them both.