Soccer could be pricey game

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tuesday morning, it smelled like a locker room inside my car.

With my nose crinkled and the window cracked, I immediately turned to the backseat in search of the source of the smell. When I came up empty handed, I turned back around, confused.

A quick look to my right revealed a black sweat suit with “Andalusia Bulldog Soccer” or the like across the front, and a light bulb went off. With a quick flick of the hand, I found the smelly source – my girl’s soccer cleats and shin guards.

That’s the price you pay when sports season rolls around, it seems.

If you haven’t been following the Bulldog soccer team, you should. Thus far, they’ve had an outstanding season, and I will tell you it’s because they’ve worked very hard for it. Practices are usually held four nights a week, with either a Saturday or a Sunday gathering as well. These kids are all-in and should be commended for their effort.

And because of that, it was with much dismay I lelarned that players are subject to cash fines if penalized. In soccer, one can unintentionally foul another player, and it will cost them $300 and a trip to the locker room.

Holy moly – cash money! That’s a hard pill for the parent of any player to swallow.

Now, my brother played football – the American version – down in Florala several years ago. He was pretty good, even got a few scholarship offers, all of which he turned down, but that’s another topic all together.

His senior year, they were in the second round of state playoffs, if memory serves me correctly. That night, from what I understand, was a night of dirty plays. The hand off tucked neatly, he was headed for the end zone when a player, leading with his helmet, tackled him to the ground. When they tried to separate, it was discovered that my brother’s finger was jammed inside the guy’s facemask – broken and slit from palm to tip.

That penalty cost that team 15-yards – not the player’s family $300.

Really doesn’t seem fair if you ask me.

Actually, truth be told, it discourages potential players from playing knowing that they could be fined money their family doesn’t have.

Now, I’m not worried that my girl is going get one of those fines because she’d actually have to make it on the field, but still…I’m wondering if we need to start a collection in the event an ejection happens. I’ll be glad to chip in.