RLS to focus on what matters

Published 12:01 am Friday, August 23, 2013

Red Level isn’t focused on what’s going to be on the scoreboard tonight.

Instead, the Tigers will be focused more on execution and how they’re taught to execute plays, RLS head coach David Godwin said.

“(Tonight) is not about winning or losing, it’s about doing what they’re coached to do,” Godwin said.

Red Level will be facing Highland Home at Bobby Dye Stadium at 7 tonight.

The game’s format will be like a regular game in the first half with two 12-minute quarters.

In the third quarter, the game will transition to more of a “situational quarter.”

Each team will have two possessions in the red zone at the 10-yard line and will have the opportunity to try and score. Both can try a field goal on fourth down or just run out of downs.

Then, the ball will back up to the opposite goal line, and once a team gets a first down out of this, then it’ll flip back over to the other team, Godwin said.

The third quarter will be not be timed.

Each team will get five offensive possessions on varsity.

The fourth quarter will be reserved for B-team and junior varsity players, along with anybody else who hasn’t gotten any reps in the game.

Each team will have 15 offensive snaps in the quarter.

Godwin said even though it’s a preseason game, the players are excited.

“We’re just like anybody else, we need to find out what we look like when we line up against someobdy else,” the coach said. “We’re tired of beating and banging up each other.”