Grinch didn’t steal Christmas in Andy’s Whoville

Published 1:06 am Saturday, December 7, 2013

My presence was required in Pensacola most of the day Thursday, so I found myself rushing home after dark in a quest to join the rest of our staff in taking parade pictures.

I pulled into the Star-News parking lot after 7, grabbed my camera and hurried up to the square. The gods were with me – the front of the parade had just made it there.

Y’all. Could you believe those hairdos?

There was already scuttlebutt about that the mayor would be dressed as the mayor of Whoville. My hairdresser, Laurel York, sent word that she wanted to create Whoville hairdo’s and makeup. As Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch has never been one of my must-see holiday shows, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I haven’t stopped laughing about the outcome.

Earl Johnson, his lovely better half, Sylvia, and their third granddaughter, Samantha, were the grand marshals in quite the Whoville style. Authentic curls, heavy makeup, and unusual geometric hair shapes made them all the more Whoville. I first thought little Sam must be terrified, but her “Nan” said she warmed up to the idea and had a blast.

Ever since the theme of this year’s Christmas celebration in Andalusia was announced, I have been teasing council members Ralph Wells and Kennith Mount about which one would be the Grinch. Instead, the role went to Roger Powell, who was funny as only Roger can be. His antics rivaled the best Elf on the Shelf antics I’ve seen on Facebook, and there was a constant cry from parade viewers asking, “Did you get a picture of Roger.” Indeed we did. (See our photo galleries on our web site and Facebook page.)

If you missed the fun, well, you missed it. Coupled with the tree lighting ceremony, the parade was yet another example of the standard set in Andalusia for doing things right.

I find myself looking for reasons to go around the square because I am amused by the number of people I’ve seen at all hours of the day and night using the giant Christmas tree as a backdrop for holiday photos. We joined the fun and shot family photos there last weekend. It was a bit like herding cats to get all 11 of us cooperating, but the end result was worth it.

The holidays are rolling at zoom speed. Pancakes today, tour of homes tomorrow, Community Christmas volunteers busy finalizing holiday plans for scores of children … We really do live in a great place.

Don’t forget that, and spread the word.