It must’ve been the tomcat that got ‘im

Published 11:16 am Tuesday, June 17, 2014

News of Bubba’s demise made the front page of The Elba Clipper this week.

The only thing strange about that is that Bubba, also known as Harrison Ford, was a rooster, known by his distinctive call to folks who live or work downtown. The bird took up residence underneath an old house downtown, and soon became quite well known to his neighbors.

No one knew where he came from, but speculation was he was from a chicken farm up the Troy highway.

Neighbors reported that Bubba had a healthy appetite, and would eat anything from cornbread to Italian cream cake.

Even though he was a friendly bird, some thought it best to remove him.

“Animal control came and tried to run Bubba down,” his neighbor, Bobby Bullard, reported. “Now you ain’t gonna run Bubba down with a net. I think they tried two or three times.”

Reported another neighbor who worked down the street, “The dog down the street here attacked him once, and tore off his tail feathers. They grew back pretty quick.”

Witnesses also had seen him and two other dogs in a scuffle from which he, remarkably, escaped with his dignity intact.

At the Shirley law office, they called the rooster “Harrison Ford.”

“The rooster was struttin’ around showing his stuff like one of my old clients (nicknamed Harrison Ford) so we called him Harrison Ford.”

Although the cause of Bubba’s death is to date unsolved, the most popular theory is that he was felled by a “big yellow cat” seen hanging around the neighborhood.

“This rooster could fly,” Joe Thomas said. “He’d been scared by someone before and he’d fly up there, run across the roof and into the back yard. A dog he could get away from once he knew he was being chased. I really believe it was that tomcat that got a hold of him. They can catch birds in flight.”

Bubba’s story isn’t really remarkable, but it is funny, and it underscores what I love about small towns. Strange things bind us together, and years from now, people will still say, “Y’all remember that rooster?” Apparently, he was quite the character.

In a week filled with less than positive news, Bubba’s story made me laugh, and reminded me to look for funny stories.

May the crazy old bird rest in peace.