Celebrate winners this week

Published 11:04 pm Monday, October 27, 2014

When The Star-News set out to have a Readers’ Choice contest, we expected we would get good feedback, i.e. votes, from the community. What we didn’t realize was how long it was going to take to count those votes and determine winners.

We are pleased to say that we will celebrate those winners at 5:30 p.m. this Thurs., Oct. 30, with a Business After Hours event at the Andalusia Area Chamber of Commerce. In addition to refreshments, we’ll have certificates for winners, and preview copies of our Readers’ Choice section, which readers will also find in their Friday editions.

We are excited to share the results with you, and hope you’ll join us at the Chamber on Thursday.


Not my best

Many years ago, I took a picture at an elementary school in the town in which I lived. One of the teachers in the photograph was named Aretha. When I went back to the office and sat down to type, what rolled off my fingers was not her last name, but “Aretha Franklin.”

I am a huge Aretha Franklin fan, but the local Aretha was not amused.

The same thing happened to me twice this week.

We have clarified this on Page 1 already this week, but just to be clear: The Andalusia City Council granted a sales tax abatement to the company placing a new Taco Bell here. That’s all. Half of the sales tax generated there for four years will be rebated each month. No property tax was abated. Again No property tax was abated. I knew that when I sat down to write the story and was shocked to find, again, two words that “go together” in my brain appeared on paper, even though I knew it was incorrect.

Ditto, the next error. When the council discussed the location of the new Taco Bell, someone at the table kept saying, “you know, between TRIO and Southern Equipment Rental.” I knew the name of the business is 1st Choice Kabota, but my fingers busily typed what my ears heard.

My personal apologies to Councilman Kennith Mount, who I am told took a fanny chewing on the first error, and to 1st Choice Equipment Rental Supply Inc. owner Donnie Bush, who was mighty upset by the second.


A note on abatements

At present, the land where Taco Bell will sit generates $839 in property taxes for the city and county. It is estimated the tax bill will be more than $20,000 when the project is done, boosting state, county and city coffers.

Even though a portion of the city sales taxes generated there will be abated, if the business hits its sales $1.1 million sales estimate, it will put an additional $85,250 into the state, county and city each year.