Straughn holds off Red Level

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 16, 2014


The sharp-shooting Straughn Tigers took care of business Monday night, defeating the Red Level Tigers 55-40 in Red Level.




Straughn jumped out front 17-9 in the first period, fueled by turnovers and clutch 3-pointers to establish the early lead.Straughn’s Brice Scott hit two long 3-pointers, and Jordan Walker had one. Red Level’s Jeffery Perdue had 5 points in the first.




In the second period, Straughn’s Johnathan Driver showed the hot hand, scoring 6 points. Marhall Farley had a long 3-pointer to give Straughn a 32-19 lead. Perdue had 4 of Red Level’s 10 points, in the second.




Red Level showed heart, and continued to chip away at Straughn’s lead, in the third period. Javarious Grooms picked up 6 points for Red Level in the third, but it wasn’t enough. After three periods, Straughn led 44-34. Farley had another big 3-pointer for Straughn in the third period.




The fourth period, Straughn was able to shut the door on Red Level with an 11-6 run. Tucker Lawless had 6 points for Straughn to help seal the victory. Purdue added 4 points for Red Level in the final period.




In the loss, Purdue led the Red Level Tigers with 15 points, and Devon Dexter had 10 points.




“The effort is there, and now we just have to figure out ways to win,” Red Level head coach Allen Catrett said. “This is a good group of kids, but we have to make sure what we do in practice transitions into the ball game. We have to focus on players being where they should be on offense, and we have to take better control of the ball. There were way too many turnovers.”




Scott led Straughn with 13 points, and Driver added 12 points.




“We shot the ball a little above average tonight, and got good movement with the ball most of the night,” Straughn head coach Rusty Andrews said. “In the second half, we played better defense. Red Level does such a good job at staying in the game. It seemed like every time we started to make a little run, they would hit a big 3-pointer to keep them in it.”