Page keeps streak going

Published 12:05 am Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cameron Page improves his professional record to 4-0. Courtesy Photo

Cameron Page improves his professional record to 4-0.
Courtesy Photo

It had been nearly a years since he last stepped in for a fight, but Pleasant Home graduate Cameron Page kept his professional fighting record perfect with a decisive victory recently in Pensacola.

“It felt really great,” Page said following the victory. “It was really awesome having so much support here for the fight.”

Page said that more than 300 of his friends, family and fans packed his section at the Pensacola Bay Center.

“It was amazing,” Page said. “When I walked it, the place light up. We had a bigger crowd in my section than Roy Jones Jr. had in his. It was an awesome feeling, and it really meant the world to me to have so much support.”

Before the fight, Page said some things came up with his opponent, and that the fight nearly didn’t happen.

“It was kind of weird situation,” Page said. “The guy came in eight pounds overweight, and my coach had him try to lose some weight before the fight. The guy thought that since he came to weigh-ins that he would just get his show money, but my coach talked to him telling him that he wasn’t getting money with out fighting.”

Page said that his opponent’s attempted weight loss didn’t work.

“He came back a pound heavier the second time,” Page. “My coaches and I decided to take the fight anyway. They told by the way he was acting that he would probably come out mad or try something quickly.”

Page took heed of the advice and readied for the bout.

“He came in and sure enough he came flying right at me with a knee,” Page said. “I was prepared for it and side stepped it as I grabbed the inside of his knee. I took down, jumped on him and went to work.”

Just over a minute into the fight, Page choked out his opponent for the victory.

“It felt great to be back in there,” Page said.