Data room, ‘Tater heads’ part of AES plan for improvement

Published 2:11 am Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Think of it as the local version of the White House Situation Room, only this one is located inside Andalusia Elementary School and is called the data room.

“In it, we keep track of who’s moving, who’s growing, and who’s not,” Principal Alane Brunson said. “If they’re not moving, we consider, ‘How do we change?’ ”

1026-mr-potato-head-toy-mr-potatohead-on-a-white-background-bybxt4Faculty members are closely analyzing data in an effort to improve student achievement, as part of AES’s Continuous Improvement Plan.

“We except to see a lot of growth this coming year,” she said.

Progress of all students is measured every 4.5 weeks, Brunson told board members this week, and the progress of at risk students is measured every week to 10 days.

AES also is focusing improved student character (fewer office referrals) and a decrease in tardiness. To achieve the punctuality goal, the school recently implemented Tardy Taters. Each class has a Mr. Potato Head-like tool. Each day that everyone makes it to class on time, the class gets to add another “piece” to the potato.

“Students are really pressuring their parents to be on time,” Brunson said. “No one wants to be the one that keeps the class from completing the potato.”

In other business Monday, the board:

  • agreed to pursue financing for three new buses. A low bid of $75,2014 was received from Southland International Bus Sales.
  • Hired Jeremy Burchfield as a maintenance helper and bus driver, replacing Jerry Merrill, who resigned.
  • Granted leaves of absence under the Family Medical Leave Act to Sharron Jones, route bus driver; Katie Poole, P.E. paraprofessional; Claire Walters, first grade teachers; and Kayla Gorum, kindergarten teacher.