Kudos to the floor man; great work he has done

Published 1:46 am Saturday, October 29, 2016

A standing ovation is a form of applause where members of a seated audience stand up while applauding after extraordinary performances of particularly high acclaim.


Anthony Mason got something Thursday night not many of us will every receive – a standing ovation for his work.

Asked what he does, the 25-year veteran of the local hospital said simply, “floors and environmental services.”

When he started with floors more than two decades ago, he never dreamed he’d make a career of it, he said. It doesn’t bother him that he spends his days cleaning up behind other folks.

“This job has been a blessing,” he said. “Every day has been a blessing. I’ve been here a long time, and I hope to be here for a while more.”

People are friendly, he said, and he likes working with the public. And while his work is not like that of a doctor or a nurse providing direct care for a patient, he still believes it is important, and he is pleased to provide the service.

I asked him what he likes to do when he’s not keeping the hospital spic-and-span.

“Well, I do floors,” he said. Adding that people outside the hospital world seem to appreciate his work, be it on tile or hard wood, because they ask him back.

One doesn’t meet many people like Anthony Mason these days. People stay with jobs for shorter periods of time; get bored and look for other things to do; or cease to take pride in what they do.

But a clean, shiny floor. What a feeling of accomplishment it must be, to see obvious proof of one’s hard work at the end of the day, and to be appreciated by one’s co-workers for always getting it right.

Mason was one of many hospital employees recognized Thursday night for their years of service. But he was the only one recognized for 25 years, and the only one for whom his co-workers stood.

I’d have to agree with him; he is a blessed man.


Michele Gerlach is publisher of The Star-News.