IN CHARACTER [with gallery]

Published 12:27 am Saturday, March 4, 2017

AES students have character parade

Students at Andalusia Elementary School dressed up as their favorite storybook characters as part of Read Across America Week, and held a parade through the school halls on Friday afternoon at AES.

The children selected their characters for a lot of different reasons and then showed off their costumes for the rest of the school to see.

“I picked Johnny Appleseed I think because I had all the stuff at the house to be him,” Judd Kelley said. “He also likes to climb trees and I like to climb trees, too.”

Other students picked characters from Dr. Suess books, like Isaack Harkins who came dressed as Thing Two.

“I just like them because they are crazy,” Harkins said. “They are a lot of fun to read about.”

Haleigh Crossley chose Thing One for similar reasons.

“I really like them in the books,” Crossley said. “They are funny because they always mess up the entire house.”

Friends Sarah Katherine Reese, Olivia Faith Cravey and Amber Trinhnguyen came as the unicorns Twilight, Sparkle and Shine from “The Secret Unicorn.”

“It’s our personality,” Reese said.

“Yeah, it’s our personality,” Cravey said. “We are all crazy.”

“We are all crazy and we love colorful stuff,” Trinhnguyen said.

Drake Isemann picked Charlie Bucket from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” because he likes what the character stands for.

“We have been learning about him in class,” Isemann said.

“I like that he cares about his family. I also like that he is nice to every one and he is filled with determination.”