Family Feud auditions coming to region

Published 12:22 am Thursday, August 9, 2018

Family Feud auditions are coming to the region on Sept. 15th and 16th at Wind Creek Hotel and Casino in Atmore.

Organizers say they are looking for “ families who have energy, enthusiasm and an ability to play the game!”

Family Feud, one of the most popular game shows on television, first aired in July 1976. The show went on a couple of different hiatuses, but its current version is getting ready to enter its 20th season, and area residents have a chance to be a part of it.

According to Family Feud’s FAQs, families can “smile, clap, high-five, cheer for each other, say, “Good Answer” and have fun” to stand out.

Auditions can only be set up in advance by appointment.

Go to to make an appointment or call 323-762-8467.

To be eligible to compete on the show, participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have five family members related by blood, marriage or legal adoption.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or have permission to work within the United States.
  • There is no age requirement to be on “Family Feud,” but organizers suggest contestants are at least 15 years old due to the nature of the questions.
  • If anyone on the team is running for political office or has been on more than two game shows in the last year, they are also ineligible.
  • If you or anyone on your team has appeared on “Family Feud” before, it must be 10 years since the prior appearance to be eligible to play again.
  • If anyone on the team knows or is related to anyone employed by FremantleMedia, Debmar-Mercury, Wanderlust Productions, any affiliate that carries Family Feud or any Steve Harvey productions including The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, they are ineligible.