Morgan aims to be positive role model

Published 12:07 am Thursday, September 27, 2018

Straughn High School senior Trey Morgan, the recipient of the school’s first Character in Action Award, said he believes that a person’s character defines them.

As a teenager, he is a role model to future generations.

Morgan volunteers monthly at the SHS extended day program teaching young students character lessons.

“We usually teach the kids about being kind and different skills of learning,” Morgan said. “I do it because I know that I didn’t have that type of thing growing up, so I want to give them what I couldn’t get. I want to make sure that these kids get a good education.”

Morgan has also been a member of the JAG team at Straughn High School all four years of his high school career.

He joined JAG because he wasn’t in any clubs. Now he says that it was the best thing that he ever did.

“I have been in JAG since my freshman year,” Morgan said. “I wasn’t really in any clubs so I said ‘Why not,’ and it was honestly the best thing ever.”

Last year, Morgan served as the JAG vice president of community service and has attended many leadership conferences, even representing the organization in the decision-making competition.

“We go to a lot of leadership conferences and I learn a lot,” Morgan said. “We go to a lot of lectures and one that really stuck with me is one that was on not letting your comfort zone kill you. If you stay in your comfort zone for too long it can get the best of you.”

Morgan said that it is nice to get recognition for hard work and that he is going to keep volunteering for the community.

Morgan also volunteers with Meredith’s Miracles, CandyLand, Savannah Terrace and Caite’s Army annually. He was also responsible for planning monthly volunteer events and was a member of the planning committee for an etiquette dinner at the Andalusia Chamber of Commerce.

Morgan is currently taking dual enrollment courses at the LBW MacArthur Campus in welding and hopes to finish his degree upon graduation or he plans to sign with the National Guard.

He is the son of Thomas Morgan and Terri Rhodes.