Kids: Magic helps Santa down chimney

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 24, 2018

Kids may not be experts at everything, but they are experts on Santa. And Andalusia Elementary School students all agreed that Christmas magic helps Santa get down the chimney on Christmas Eve.

“I really think it is magic,” kindergartner Cash Julian said. I think he stays the same size but gets really skinny so he can slide down the chimney.”

Kindergartner Piper Norris believes that the Christmas magic makes Santa real.

“The magic makes Santa real,” Norris said. “He doesn’t even need help from his reindeer to push him down the chimney, he just slides down with magic.”

Kindergartner Ab Young said that Santa grabs on to the side of the chimney and pushes himself down.

“With the help of his magic, Santa can stay the same size and push himself down,” Young said.

Kindergartner Dalis Miller said that Santa squeezes down the chimney.

“He tucks his stomach in, which is really hard for him,” Miller said. “But I think with magic, it helps him.”

Miller said that the best part of Christmas is opening presents.

“When you get to open presents, that is the best part of Christmas I think,” Miller said. “I really want a pomzi for Christmas.”

Kindergartner Anniston Carlson said that Santa uses his magic to get really small so he can go down the chimney.

“When Santa is regular size he can’t fit down the chimney,” Carlson said. “So he has to get super small and make his presents really small to go down the chimney.”

Carlson said that her favorite part of Christmas is when Santa brings the presents.

“You have to stay asleep all night so that he can come and bring you presents,” Carlson said. “When you wake up, he already delivered all of them. I want an American Girl Doll for Christmas.”

Grayson Bentley said that Santa has to maneuver his way down the chimney.

“Santa has to put his hands by his side and shimmy down the chimney,” Bentley said. “He has a little magic to help, but he just slides right down.”

Bentley said that when his family watches him opens presents is the best part of Christmas.

“They all watch me open my presents and I get really excited when I see what I get,” Bentley said. “This year I want a cell phone for Christmas.”

Kindergartner Wyatt Brannon said that Santa uses a rope to get down the chimney.

“He has a white magic rope,” Brannon said. “He uses magic to make the chimney really big and then he uses the rope to get down.”

Brannon said that Santa Claus is the best part of Christmas.

“Santa experts” Banks Merrell, Joziayah Williams, M.J. Berry and Brayden Dunn.

“I just love Santa,” Brannon said. “I hope that he brings me a big Spiderman for Christmas.”

Third grader Banks Merrell believes that Santa gets really small to come down the chimney.

“Santa uses his Christmas magic to get really small so he can deliver presents,” Merrell said. “I think the presents get small with him too.”

Merrell said that the best part of Christmas is being able to spend time with family and Jesus.

Third grader M.J. Berry said that the chimney gets really big so that Santa can fit in the chimney.

“Santa experts” Piper Norris, Cash Julian, Amari Johnson and Ab Young.

“Santa uses magic to make the chimney really big,” Berry said. “But he also makes his bag really small because it wouldn’t be able to fit in the chimney.”

Berry said that the best part of Christmas is spending time with family.

Joziayah Williams said that Santa usually gets really dirty when he comes down the chimney.

“Santa uses magic to get really tiny,” Williams said. “But he gets all dirty from the chimney.”

Williams said that the best part of Christmas is getting presents.

Third grader Brayden Dunn had the most interesting answer to the question.

“I think Santa has a magic hat,” Dunn said. “Then he turns into dust and then quickly puts the presents under the tree.”