DAR presents citizenship awards

Published 1:05 am Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The members of Andalusia’s Old Three Notch Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution honored students in grades 5-11 from local schools on Monday afternoon at Andalusia City Hall. The Youth Citizenship Medal recipients were chosen by their schools for their qualities of honor, service, courage, leadership, and patriotism. They included:

• From Andalusia: Houston Walker, 5th grade; Alana Benson, 6th grade; Ava Tomberlin, 7th grade; Emily Cooper, 8th grade; Emma Grace Taylor, 9th grade; Collin Ward, 10th grade; Sydney Faircloth, 11th grade.

• From Fleeta: Lane Ainsworth, 5th grade; Emily Ainsworth, 6th grade; Rachel Beck, 7th grade; and Ashley Kelley, 8th grade.

• From Opp: Kate Whigham, 5th grade; Alyssa McFarland, 6th grade; Heidi Colquett, 7th grade; Brooke Moseley, 8th grade; Lily Kathryn Clark, 9th grade; Lanie Peige Donaldson, 10th grade; Garyn Faith Blair, 11th grade.

• From Pleasant Home: Jade Rodriguez, 5th grade; Jack Foreman, 6th grade; Hailey Ward, 7th grade; Ty Clark, 8th grade; Lexi Straughan, 9th grade; Natalie Schwartz, 10th grade; and Grant Barton, 11th grade.

From Red Level: Laci Pate, 5th grade; Bailey Green, 6th grade; Parker Adams, 7th grade; Elizabeth Cross, 8th grade; Caylee Douglas, 9th grade; Bella Owens, 10th grade; and Ivy Griggs, 11th grade.

From Straughn: Chloe Isabella Williamson, 5th grade; Audrey Ward, 6th grade; Brianna Toney, 7th grade; Katherine Miller, 8th grade; Callie Dawson Carter, 9th grade; Lindsey Payton Vaughn, 10th grade; and Abbie Elizabeth Wood, 11th grade.

From W.S. Harlan: Jayla Morrow, 5th grade; and Noah Leonard, 6th grade.