New Relay for Life venue works well

Published 12:52 am Saturday, April 27, 2019

Relay for Life organizer Randi Bozeman said that this year’s event had a lot more team participation than previous years.

“I think a lot of it has to do with how close they are going to be to each other at the new location,” Bozeman said. “At the Kiwanis, they were all spread pretty far a part, but at Springdale they are close and I think they like that.”

As a whole, Bozeman said that this year’s Relay for Life has been great.

“Everything just looks great,” Bozeman said. “I think with it being something new, people are more interested and the teams are participating a little more.”

Bozeman said that all of the survivors like the change of location as well.

“I think with any change you make, it is going to be questionable at first,” Bozeman said. “But I think that the survivors like the change of scenery. A lot of people in the community have been very supportive and interested in having us move the event.”

The fundraising goal for this year was $70,000 and Bozeman said that they might be a little short.

“The night of Relay is a fundraiser itself, essentially,” Bozeman said. “The teams raised $27,000, but when you factor in the games, fundraising and sponsor money, we got a lot more than that, but are still short of the $70,000.”

Bozeman said that even a little bit of money raised is a significant amount for the cause.

“I mean, this night is a fun night and a time to celebrate,” Bozeman said. “But it is also a time to fundraise for this cause. We are trying to raise money, whether its to cancer or not, the money that goes to the Cancer Society is money that helps with early detection and research to test for genetic testing. Early detection is the best thing. Of course, we want to cure this disease eventually, and that is our biggest goal, but the biggest thing is to try and raise money for research to help with all of these new technologies, techniques and new things that are coming out.”