Mizell announces partnership with Alliant

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 3, 2019

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Mizell Memorial Hospital has partnered with Alliant Management Services to provide the highest quality of health care services to the Opp and surrounding areas, which began Sept. 1.

The board announced the decision late Friday, but will continue to be a fiduciary board responsible for the Mizell operations.

With the new agreement, Alliant will provide professional management support and oversight into MMH operations.

“The Board at Mizell Memorial Hospital  realizes that challenges across the nation are increasing in managing hospitals in communities like ours.  We believe a relationship with a management firm like Alliant, whose long standing history  and  expertise is specifically focused on  rural hospitals, will help position MMH to strengthen its services and operating capabilities, and assist us in providing the best quality of care possible.   Alliant provides the scope  of expertise to support our day-to-day operations and financial management for the benefit of our community and our employees,” said Dr. Jeff Worley, Chairman of MMH. 

Alliant has specialized in rural hospital management since 1978, providing sustainable solutions tailored exclusively to critical access and rural hospitals. Hospitals affiliated with Alliant receive management oversight across critical day-to-day operations of the facility, including   strategic, clinical, operational, financial and supply chain functions.  Alliant also provides leadership support and development for the hospital management team.

The Mizell Memorial Hospital Board previously engaged Alliant to perform specific reviews and

analysis of the hospital for the Board’s and hospital’s benefit.  After working with Alliant on these prior projects, the MMH Board felt a full management affiliation with Alliant would be the next best step to moving the hospital forward , providing the momentum, strength and added expertise to achieving the hospitals goals .

“We are excited to work with the Board and employees of  Mizell Memorial to help them navigate the complexities of  operating a  hospital in today’s difficult environment.  Mizell has a rich history of  serving the health needs of the area for nearly 70 years.   We are honored to assist in working with the hospital’s team and Board to identify the operating and financial solutions that will enable Mizell to continue its vital mission in the most effective way possible,” said Jim Coleman, President and CEO of Alliant Management Services.

Under  terms of the new management agreement with Alliant, MMH’s Board has structured specific performance provisions and incentives based on achievement of results.