God wants to be our salvation

Published 6:36 am Thursday, June 11, 2020

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By Pastor Lee Crowder
In a world today plagued by fear, doubt, distrust, and disease not everything
is bad. See God uses all things to His glory and for our good. You ask what good can come from this? Well, let’s look at it. In Judges chapter 6 a young man named Gideon was secretly thrashing wheat to prepare it to use for food. See in that time, like ours, Gideon and the nation of Israel were “locked down”. Their enemy the Midianites would take and consume all that the people had leaving them with barely enough for themselves. So, they were enduring hardships from a different sort of enemy than we are, but much similar in circumstances. In this hardship the bible says in Judges chapter 6 verse 7 “And when it came to pass, when the children of Israel cried unto the Lord because of the Midianities”. See the rest of the story is this, God comes to a lowly man and calls him to fight against the Midianities on behalf of the Lord to save Israel. However, God didn’t come to Gideon till the people had enough of the “fire” to cry out to the Lord. It’s only
when the people had enough and called out to God and cried help did He send help by way of Gideon.
I submit this question to each and every one of you today. How much more should we endure before we cry out to the Lord? What will it take before we will cry out to the Lord? God is waiting to rescue us, but it is this preachers’ opinion and belief that God is using all the chaos to bring us closer in relationship to Him.
The Lord will send help, but we must get to the point of recognizing that our help comes from the Lord. After calling Gideon and building an army God dwindled it down to just 300 men. God said in Judges chapter 7 verse 2 “lest Israel vaunt themselves against me, saying, Mine own hand hath saved me”. See God wants to help, but He wants it to be in a way He gets glory, we recognize who the Lord is, and ultimately brings us closer to God. So I leave this thought with you all today, How much more will we endure till we go to God for our salvation?