New activities, friendships goals of AES’s club days

Published 1:21 am Saturday, February 10, 2018

Andalusia Elementary School held its second club day of the current academic year, and students found themselves spending an hour having all kinds of fun.

There’s a photography club, a dance club, a culinary club, an athletic club, a science and technology club, a board game club and more.

Children who picked the culinary club got to make Valentine’s Day themed trail mix and homemade lemonade, with lemons they squeezed.

The photography club spent their hour doing a scavenger hunt, looking for specific things to photograph and check off a list.

The athletic club spent the hour in the gym, playing a game that involved a foot race.

The dance club learned a dance to a catchy song and performed it in groups.

Each club spends the hour trying to engage students in a way that makes them passionate about what they are doing, Megan Foley, a fifth grade teacher, said.

“The kids really do love this event,” she said.

“All of this is a part of the ‘Leader In Me’ program that the school does,” Foley said.

Foley said that because of Club Day, children also get to form bonds with other teachers besides their own.

“They develop relationships with other teachers and get to know other students,” she said.

The same goes for teachers, Foley said.

“Teachers get to pick a club that they’re interested in and passionate about to teach,” she said.

Cindy Williams, a fifth grade student, said she picked photography club because it’s something she’s passionate about.

“I picked photography because I love taking pictures,” she said.

“They’re fun to take.”

For Xander Hare, it’s about the end effect of taking photos.

“It’s really interesting to see how a picture turns out,” he said.

Foley said that the school is looking to do Club Day once a month.

“We’ve done it twice so far, once in November and once this month,” she said.

“I’m really just hoping to do this every month. I know that every student at AES truly enjoys this program and they learn a lot from it.”

Jessica Tucker, another fifth grade teach at AES, said the same of the event.

“This really gives kids an opportunity to do things they’re really interested in,” she said.